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How Disposable Emails Protect Your Data And Why You Should Use Them


We all know about protecting your e-mail and make it secure against spam/illegal emails, malwares and spammers, Well have you ever heard of something called Legal Spam + Having full access for your data, Well don't be surprised. We'll cover that in today's article

First we will talk about Legal Spam. it's a technique companies uses to spam your e-mails with advertisements and info that is not necessary and considered annoying which can you take far away from real e-mails

You say " Since they don't have my permission to send emails, I can sue them or report them." Actually you gave them full permission, If you remember registering in a website and you must agree to small checkbox , Well one of them says " You agree to receive newsletter and advertisements " This is where you give them your permission.

This is a concealed method where most companies make you accept their "future email marketing" without you noticing.
So, next time how do you protect your e-mail from such things and be more wise?

First, Upon registering in any website, Be sure to read the small checkbox completely, Secondly and the Recommended option: Use a Trusted Temporary Email Platform or a temporary-email 100% free tool.

Temporary emails are useful, these are random generated free disposal e-mails provided by top secure and privacy-respected companies as Pexiflow LLC to protect your identity and spam emails, malwares etc..
You can use Pexiflow today and avoid using your business or personal e-mail, plus temporary emails doesn't require any registration. You just open the Pexiflow Platform, Generate your e-mail of choice and start using it right away.

Disposable e-mails do not require passwords and so if you loose it you can't get it back (with Pexiflow you can keep your e-mail for long) so don't register important things with it such as Games Or E-Wallet/Banking Accounts

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