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Pros and Cons of Disposal Email Services and Why you should choose


We are going to talk about the Pros and Cons of Disposable or "Temp Email" Services
and Which one you should choose, then why.

Little introduction,
Disposable Email Services are fake-generated emails can be used on web-services for protecting yourself from spammers and advertiser. It's free of charge and no registration needed, However there are still some cons which make these services unusable
But that Is not the entire case. Because Temp mail services have a lot of Advantages. and They are the best at anti-spam protection

Enough Intro, Let's talk about the Pros First
1. Hidden Identity and Protection (However Not All Treat Privacy Seriously)
2. 100% Free of Charge
3. No Registration, Info or payment
4. Easy to use, Accept all kind of e-mail
5. Acts like a real e-mail
Now that might sound something unreal, But trust me It's real and exists
Acting like real e-mail have exceptions which we'll talk about in Cons/Disadvantage section
So here goes nothing:

Cons of Temp mail
1. Ads in the mainpage
2. Cookies and Ads-Tracker (Pexiflow keeps out of the way.)
3. E-mail domain have big chance of getting or it's already Blacklisted in certain sites
4. Overwhelming UI (Doesn't apply to all Disposal Email Services)

Alright, This doesn't sound so nice comparing to Pros/Advantages. and Saying "Identity Protection" in Pros and "Ads-Tracker" in cons may sound like not tempting thing.

Well by Identity protection I mean. No one knows who's the owner of that E-mail and by "Ads-Tracker" that is the Temp mail website itself is putting ads for you and not the Email Sender

LUCKILY, There's one platform who offers for you the kind Advantages without Ads-Tracking, Data Selling, keeping the speed and a UI easiness. It is Pexiflow, Pexiflow is an online secure-platform built by professionals.
Meant to protect your data 100% And doesn't display Annonying Advertisements and Also Doesn't use Ad-Tracker. Amazing Right? Well Why don't give it a try It's complete worth it
Pexiflow also is available in multi-language with friendly UI, friendly colors and easy-navgiation for non tech-savy and noobs to the tech-world
Protecting your Data on the internet is a serious matter or at least for Pexiflow.
Use Pexiflow today.