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Pexiflow LLC is a Top Privacy-Secure Multi Platforms offers its viewers/visitors/users pack of free services tools including local US/CA Phone Numbers and Disposable Emails for use in many cases in digital world to protect their identity online.

Everyday 2000+ cyber crimes occurs as it increase in cyber threats such as: spams, scams, identity and personal data trades and sold through the open web and through the dark web..

We're committed to fix this issues with our Free tools services that allows you to be more protected and anonymized on the web in addition to that, here on the Pexiflow platform your data and shared information between you and us/our servers/subsidiaries sites is 100% transparent and logs-free meaning all the sensitive information we receive is thrown in the bin or in a safe place where no one can see it with no trace left.

We praise our selves for this Privacy Feature over the competitors, we understand its not easy and its tempting to sell personal data to advertisers & advertising companies for big money deals, nevertheless its not our problem. Our main revenue is coming from ads on our sites and properties and that's sufficient.

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We, Pexiflow's team members are operating remotely, originated in Spain, Europe. Accept people from all over the World regardless.

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