Frequently Asked Questions | Overview

Is the Pexiflow Platforms free?

Yes! our Platforms provide free tools that can help keep your belongings private and anonymous online.

Is the Pexiflow Platforms Secure?

Absolutely. You can be sure that emails/messages/data your receive on our platforms are cleared directly after your last session, no activity are kept: you never used our platforms. Pexiflow LLC is legally committed to protecting your shared private data with us and takes the safest approach of earning money from trusted known advertising networks such as Google AdSense and PropellerAds that serve their ads on our platforms instead of the famous selling userdata-for-money approach. In terms of security and respect to privacy, we lead the way in being transparent to our visitors and members and keep our promise. Please read our Privacy Policy.

How can Pexiflow Disposable Email Platform protect my online activity?

With 14 billion spam messages sent everyday to famous and infamous Email providers, you are caught in the middle of one of the most dangerous threat online that leads to personal data breaches and successful hacking attempts, with that in mind, the Pexiflow Platform can and will protect you against Malwares - Spam phishing - Spoofing.. and help keep you safe from all this threats when it gets personal, with ease / quickness and privacy on mind, you're on the best most secure and privacy-respected free tools Platform in the world.

Something went wrong | Not Secure browser sign issue?

This issue is usually related to the sender providing images-attachments-resources that have the "HTTP" protocol, pointing to a non-secure protocol assets, don't worry, this particular issue do not affect you in anyway and it disappear as easy as deleting the email causing the issue.

So, if you want the website to revert to the "HTTPS" protocol you can either remove the insecure email or change to another e-mail by clicking "New" then choosing a domain from the drop-down list and click "Create".

When does Email addresses and received Emails expire?

Custom Email addresses do not expire as long as you don't clear your browser data & cookies, while emails that you receive in the mailbox are deleted every week.

I haven't receive my Email/s yet, why?

If you've waited for 5 minutes and your email hasn't appeared yet, there is usually causes for the emails not to reach our servers:

1. The website/s you're trying the email on, has identified our email domain ex: "" and has banned that specific domain on their website/s because of heavy/suspicious activity from that specific domain.

2. The website's email delivery server itself is failing or is being delayed, therefore hasn't reach our servers yet so that the Pexiflow Platform shows your email/s.

Solution: just wait from 2-5 mins for the email to be delivered in case of a delay, or change to another available Email domain in case of a domain ban.

How many Email IDs i can create?

You can create unlimited number of Email IDs based on each available Email domain limit (6).

When do you update or add Email domains?

We constantly add New Email domains, usually every 2 weeks or 2 times a month and will increase. So stay tuned so you don't miss out on the new stuff!

When do you remove old Email domains?

Overused Email domains are removed after 1 month of availability or more if its a tld domain and updated with a New ones.

Is it necessary to sign up or download an application or a software to use your tools?

You don't need to signup, download or install any application. any device with a browser and an internet connection is all you need.

Do you have an Android * Iphone * Desktop application?

Not yet, however the Pexiflow developer team are working on devices application for the Platforms and will make it publicly available in our websites and the blog page on the date of its release.

I have a question | I have a business inquire, or want to be hired in your team?

Please get in touch with us on if you have a question, and on if you have a business inquiry.

For spaces for advertising requests reach us on

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